No one understands the critical need for more effective stroke therapies better than the pharmaceutical industry. Current therapies are often too little, too late or “last ditch efforts” and not widely in use.

Zocere, Inc.’s injectable brain-specific STEP peptide-based drug is designed to protect patients from brain injury and arrest the progression of neurological damage after an ischemic stroke. Research to date is encouraging. However, to accelerate the development and commercialization process, we are seeking synergistic partners within the pharmaceutical industry who bring financial support, expertise, and resources to continue validation of our protein, advance our IND application and FDA approval, and thus accelerate commercialization.

The ideal strategic partners are:

  • Pharmaceutical companies with an interest or current position in neurological disorders and disease.
  • Clinical research organizations
  • Consulting groups experienced in working with pre-clinical drug companies

If you are interested in becoming an active partner in Zocere, Inc.’s generation next in stroke therapy, we encourage you to contact us to discuss partnership opportunities in more detail.

“Our goal is to attract a pharmaceutical partner who can bring research and monetary resources to accelerate our path to IND and FDA approval.”

Wayne Laslie, CEO
Zocere, Inc.